For God So Loved the World

 The Art
Another member of the Chat family which includes Robins, Flycatchers and Stonechats. This one is the Redstart. I have elsewhere painted a close relative, the Black Redstart. I think perhaps they are my favourite family of birds. I have certainly painted enough of them. Check out the Blue Apocalypse section and you will find another painting of this bird. The flowers are Harebells. Much more delicate than the Bluebell. It is quite exquisite.
The Scripture
This is a wonderful piece of scripture. Unfortunately, the only time anyone gets to hear any of it is at funerals. But it is the city, written about by John Bunyan in Pilgrims progress, that Christians are looking for. No earthly city will do.

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All the art  in this Gallery was created using various brands of Acrylic paint on 140lb Fabriano Artistico Paper. 22* x 15* (Does not use animal products in the sizing) I used Rosemary & Co Brushes. (Synthetic) The calligraphy was done by hand using a brush and acrylic ink.