For God So Loved the World

 The Art
Blue Tits are quite feisty little birds. They can hold their own against larger birds when competing for food. The mole is emerging out of the dark into the light. Kind of symbolic. If you ever hold a mole in your hand you will discover that its fur can be brushed in both directions which is why at one time its fur was quite highly prized.

The Scripture
Nature speaks to us in quite plain language of a Creator. If we have the eyes and ears for it. I cannot remember a time, even when I wasn't a Christian, when I believed in Evolution. It is a deception at best, at worst just a stupid idea. It remains only a theory, despite the claims otherwise. 

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All the art  in this Gallery was created using various brands of Acrylic paint on 140lb Fabriano Artistico Paper. 22* x 15* (Does not use animal products in the sizing) I used Rosemary & Co Brushes. (Synthetic) The calligraphy was done by hand using a brush and acrylic ink.