For God So Loved the World

 The Art
There are some pictures that are exciting to do. I enjoy doing them all, but paintings like this one are kind of special. I keep telling myself to do more still life paintings, or at least include that element in the painting. Here is one such painting. The birds are called Little Owls for  reason. They really are little, six inches tall! The butterflies are Peacocks, more illustrative than a true posture.

The Scripture
We have, in this World upon which we depend, everything we need to live. I am talking about mankind in general. Some people are clearly more fortunate than others. It is only mankind's indifference and greed that we have the problems we do. A right relationship with God would be a good place to start to put things right. I do not believe that man in general has the ability or will to put the world to rights.

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All the art  in this Gallery was created using various brands of Acrylic paint on 140lb Fabriano Artistico Paper. 22* x 15* (Does not use animal products in the sizing) I used Rosemary & Co Brushes. (Synthetic) The calligraphy was done by hand using a brush and acrylic ink.