For God So Loved the World

 The Art

The Hobby is our smallest Falcon. They are fast and capable of catching swallows on the wing. The also catch Dragonflies a fact which does not always go down so well with lovers of Dragonflies! I once saw more than twenty of them at once at
Dungeoness nature reserve, preparing to migrate back to Africa for the winter.

The Scripture
There is only one God. One creator. One saviour. A lot of people don't like that idea, or they try to say that all gods are the same, a kind of inter-faith ecumenism. For the Christian that is not an option.  

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All the art  in this Gallery was created using various brands of Acrylic paint on 140lb Fabriano Artistico Paper. 22* x 15* (Does not use animal products in the sizing) I used Rosemary & Co Brushes. (Synthetic) The calligraphy was done by hand using a brush and acrylic ink.